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Fender Stratocaster Natural 1973 (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here’s a lovely Fender Stratocaster in Natural finish from 1973. The Stratocaster was an instant hit when introduced in 1954 and has stayed popular since then.

This good-condition example from 1973 features a natural finish, mostly original hardware and has been refretted so it plays really well.

Serial Number 514896, built during 1973.
Pricing $1,950 CAD with non-original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with ‘skunk stripe’. Larger headstock, ‘Bullet’ truss rod adjuster at head, and 3-bolt ‘Micro Tilt” plate.
Frets Recently refretted, no appreciable wear.
Body Ash body in good condition.
Finish Original clear polyester finish in good condition. The finish on the front of the fingerboard was replaced during the refret with nitrocellulose lacquer.
Hardware/electronics Mostly original hardware; either the pickguard or backplate have been replaced. 5-way switch added and one new volume pot.
Playability/Action This instrument has been refretted recently and plays well.
Case Non-original rectangular tweed case included.

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