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National Reso-Phonic RadioTone Bendaway

The National Reso-Phonic  RadioTone Bendaway was one of the early models offered by National Reso-Phonic guitar and is one of the hidden gems in the National Reso-Phonic lineup.    The National Radio-Tone Bendaway doesn’t appear on their website but is available through dealers.

I was thrilled when National Reso-Phonic reissued this model in 2012, as the tone of the Bendaway model is unique in the National lineup.

Years ago, I asked National-founder Don Young about what made this guitar so special and he really did not know for sure.  The National Radio-Tone Bendaway uses the same cone and string length but something special is going on with this model.

The National Radio-Tone Bendaway has audibly more harmonic complexity in the trebles and the bass is tighter and more defined —  almost like a metal body style O for note separation but with a warm and woody tone.
My guess is that the unique internal displacement of the cutaway and the Art Deco sound holes does something to enhance the overtones.

At $2779 Canadian with case, the price is refreshingly low and the cutaway is an added bonus.

Generally most Bendaway clients ask us to add the National Slimline pickup,  mounted at the end of the fretboard.

Grant MacNeill,  Resophonic Specialist

Serial Number: Varies as New

Pricing: $3349 Canadian dollars or $2637  US dollars, with National Case
NOTE:   U.S. Dollar price shown is based on 27% exchange rate.   Rates change daily!

Status: In Stock and Available

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