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Other Accessories

Other Accessories that don’t fit in the categories above.  If you’re looking for something in particular, contact us.    We ship worldwide.

Guitar Guard Clear Pickguard

The Guitar Guard Clear Pickguard is a clear film that adheres to your instrument utilizing 'static cling' rather than an adhesive.

Sagework Barnett Guitar Support

In a major innovation, the Sagework - Barnett Guitar Support features the use of rare-earth magnets to safely and reliably attach the support to a

Hall MyBanjo Universal 3 way Banjo Head Tuning Wrench

The Hall MyBanjo Universal 3 way Banjo Head Tuning Wrench is an essential tool for tuning banjo heads. Grant MacNeill says this tool is "The

Iucci Banjo Mute

The Iucci Banjo Mute slips on to the banjo's bridge and reduces volume by roughly half. Brings joy to your family and neighbours !!

Squareneck Capo and Steels

Squareneck Capo and Steels