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Electric Pickups

At the center of the electric instrument is the pickup, and originally only a few models were available from major instrument manufacturers.   That changed in the 1980s with an explosion of small pickup builders, and now there is a very large selection available.   The Twelfth Fret carries and installs quality pickups.  If you’re looking for something in particular, contact us.    We ship worldwide.

The Kavanjo Banjo Pickup: Another Happy Customer

Duncan Fremlin  is one of our long time, professional banjo customers.  Duncan has performed with many of Canada's greats and toured extensively over the years. But

National Slimline Resonator Pickup

The National Slimline pickup was designed by National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc. and Villex® Electronics.

Kavanjo Banjo Pickups

At last, Kavanjo Banjo Pickups - the banjo pickup that sounds natural and is highly resistant to feedback. A truly elegant solution to


The Sunrise Pickup System

The Sunrise Pickup system has earned the respect of professional players on stage and in the studio for over 25 years. In that time it


Fralin Split Blade Pickups

The Stratocaster guitar pick-up configuration is one of the most versatile pick-up set ups around. The struggle has always been all about the noise. I


National Hot-Plate

The National Hot Plate was designed by National Reso-Phonic & guitarist Mike Dowling to address the issues of amplifying resophonic guitars. It is a