Fender Stratocaster ‘Hardtail’ Sunburst 1977

Fender Stratocaster Hardtail Sunburst 1977 full front view

Comments Here’s a Fender Stratocaster ‘Hardtail’ from 1977. The Stratocaster, one of the manifestations of Leo Fender’s genius, was introduced in 1954 with options for floating trem bridge and hard-tails, employing the back-of-body string ferrules found on the Telecaster. The hardtail verion was produced in smaller numbers until 2007, when it was discontinued. Hard-tail strats have a little more attack, bite, and sustain due to the lack of spring tension absorbing some energy.

At this point, the serial number had migrated from the neckplate to front of the the headstock. Later, the serial number would move to the back of the head. This particular serial uses a letter – first number scheme for dating the instrument: S for 1970′s, E for 1980′s, N for 1990′s. However, while giving a general guide to the year of the instrument, that scheme also has some rollovers around the ends of years.

This particular instrument is in good working order. It’s definitely been played, and the refret ensures that it can be played for a long time to come.

Serial Number S791061
Pricing $1,699 CAD with original case.
Neck Maple neck
Frets This Strat has been refretted and has minor wear.
Body Alder body with standard Strat contours, but no Trem cavity.
Finish Fender gloss poly sunburst finish in some checking and damage.
Hardware/electronic Original hardware, lower tip of pickguard is cracked off.
Playability/Action This instrument has been refretted and plays well.
Case Original harshell case included.

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