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Magnatone Model 260 2×12 35 Watt Amplifier, 1958

Magnatone Model 260 2x12 35 Watt Amplifier, 1958

The Magnatone Model 260 was a 35 watt, 2×12 speaker two channel combo-form amplifier built in Inglewood, California from 1957 to 1962.

Price: $1750 CAD

At Mars Filmosound Specialist Tube Amplifier, 2017

At Mars Filmosound Specialist Tube Amplifier, 2017

The At Mars Filmosound Specialist is a very interesting, hand wired 15 watt tube amplifier made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the interesting points is that the name describes the amp’s origin – the chassis are reclaimed from 1940’s Bell and Howell Filmosound projectors!

Price: $1250 CAD

Henriksen JazzAmp 310 Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen JazzAmp 310 Guitar Amplifier

The Henriksen JazzAmp 310 is one of two available 120 watt JazzAmp models – the 310 seen here with a 10 inch speaker, and the 312 with a 12. As the JazzAmp name suggests, these excellent amplifiers are intended for working jazz guitarists and are the result of the work of the late Bud Henricksen and his son Peter. The JazzAmp line has been delivering quality tone in a reliable, portable package since 2005.       Weighing in at


Mesa Boogie Road King 2×12 Tube Amplfier Combo, 2002

Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12 Tube Amplfier Combo, 2002

The Mesa Boogie Road King, here in a 2×12 combo version, is an extremely capable and versatile amp, with four channels, two effects loops and 120 watts of power. This is not a bedroom amp! The Road King is designed to give the working guitarist a wide array of tones that can be readily tailored to the needs of the tune and venue. The four preamp sections can be mated with any of five (!) power amp sections, using EL34 or 6L6 tubes.

Price: $1500 CAD

Fryette/VHT Deliverance 60H Head and 2×12 Cabinet, 2007

Fryette/VHT Deliverance 60H Head and 2x12 Cabinet, 2007

The VHT Deliverance 60H is a hand built professional grade tube amp made in the USA, designed by Steven Fryette. This example dates to 2007, before the VHT name was sold to AXL, and was built by Fryette in his Burbank, California shop. It includes an 212FB-P50E 2×12, stereo closed-back speaker cabinet with a pair of custom Eminence P50E speakers.

Price: $2000 CAD

Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen The Bud guitar amplifier is without question the smallest, truly gigable guitar amplifier on the market with unmatched tone quality! You won’t believe the volume and tone coming from either your electric or acoustic guitar, or any stringed instrument a MUST HAVE piece of gear for the working musician.

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