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Deering Boston 6 String Banjo


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This B-6, Deering Boston 6 String Banjo makes an ideal recording instrument. It’s lighter in weight due to the innovative steel rim construction that you can also find in Deering’s Boston 5 string banjos. In the B-6 this creates excellent note distinction, clarity, and sparkling crispness making it one of the all time favorites.

The B-6 Deering Boston 6 String Banjo is made of tropical American mahogany which gives it its sweet, round and full tone. It has an arched hard, dense, colorful, exotic, and naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard. It also features Deering’s own custom made six string tailpiece, and bridge. These helps create a superb playing banjo for guitar players. One of the most appealing aspects of the B-6 is its sleek neck making it comfortable, and easy to play.

In examining older 6-string banjos, Greg Deering observed the consistent lack of good tone. After much research he solved this mystery and now produces the only 6-string banjos with great sustain and beautiful tone. Many guitar players are now discovering the new sound available from playing a Deering 6-string banjo. It can be flat-picked or finger-picked equally well. We string it with extra light acoustic guitar strings, however, it does perform well with other string gauges.

Anything you play on a guitar can be played on the 6-string banjo, and as with all Deering banjos, the sound is excellent.


* 1 3/4″ wide nut
* ebony fingerboard with dot markers
* Gotoh enclosed tuners
* adjustable truss rod
* tropical mahogany neck
* 22 frets
* thick steel rim
* low friction matte finish
* deluxe Deering hardshell case
* limited lifetime warranty

PRICING: $2089 Canadian dollars, or $1645 US dollars, based on 1.27% exchange rate.
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!
A Deering hardshell, archtop case is included.

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We keep an inventory of over 200 Deering banjos at all times, with 40 models including virtually all the Deering 5 string banjos, several Deering 6 string and Tenor models, plus the Vega open back 5 string models, the elite Tenbrooks 5 strings and a huge offering of the entry level Goodtime line of banjos.

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We have 6 full time luthiers on staff with the expertise to setup and service your instruments. All banjos we sill will be very thoroughly setup to suit your right hand attack and playing action expectations. Head tension, action, nut height, bridge and tailpiece positioning and installation of 5th string capo tacks are issues that we deal with as each and every banjo is sold. Plus there is no charge for follow-up adjustments on new banjos for the first year.

Price: $2089 CAD
  • Model: B-6
  • Year: Current
  • Class: New
  • Condition: Brand New

  • Not Consignment

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