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Deering Sierra Maple 5-String Banjo


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Deering Banjos are now offering the Deering Sierra Maple 5-String Banjo – their most popular Sierra model banjo in maple!

Over the past year I have often asked Barry Hunn at Deering for a lower priced Maple banjo along the lines of the mahogany neck and resonator Sierra model. Though I dearly love the look and feel of the Deering Maple Blossom, it is beyond the budget of some of my customers who MUST own a Deering but prefer maple over mahogany.

Barry informed me in December that the shop is now jigged up to do Sierra model maple necks and resonators for a small up-charge.

We get the same awesome ’06 Deering Silicone Bronze sand-cast tone ring as used on the mahogany Sierra. Plus the maple resonator, unique Deering flange and rim that one finds on the Deering Maple Blossom.

We have the simple yet elegant look of the satin finish classic Sierra Banjo that we all love ….with exactly the same tone, hardware, and wood species found on the higher priced Deering Maple Blossom.

Plus this model features a delightful new inlay pattern on the fretboard. A lovely extra touch that really adds to the banjo.

Specifications for the Deering Sierra Maple 5-String Banjo

* 1 3/16″ wide bone nut
* ebony fingerboard
* Planetary tuners
* custom fingerboard inlays
* maple neck
* maple resonator
* 3-ply rock maple pot
* nickel plated, cast bell bronze Deering tone ring
* one piece cast zinc extra heavy flange
* matte lacquer finish
* Presto tailpiece

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PRICING: $2749 Canadian dollars, or $2164 US dollars, based on 1.27% exchange rate.
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!
A Deering hardshell, archtop case is included.

The Deering Sierra is also available in mahogany at the same price!

What we like: Deering Banjos
Deering Banjos, Tenbrooks Banjos, Vega Banjos, Goodtime Banjos — all made in the USA by the Deering Banjo company.

We keep an inventory of over 200 Deering banjos at all times, with 40 models including virtually all the Deering 5 string banjos, several Deering 6 string and Tenor models, plus the Vega open back 5 string models, the elite Tenbrooks 5 strings and a huge offering of the entry level Goodtime line of banjos.

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We have 6 full time luthiers on staff with the expertise to setup and service your instruments. All banjos we sill will be very thoroughly setup to suit your right hand attack and playing action expectations. Head tension, action, nut height, bridge and tailpiece positioning and installation of 5th string capo tacks are issues that we deal with as each and every banjo is sold. Plus there is no charge for follow-up adjustments on new banjos for the first year.

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Price: $2749 CAD
  • Model: Sierra Maple
  • Year: Current
  • Class: New
  • Condition: Brand New

  • Not Consignment

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