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Eastman 405E Archtop Electric

Price: CDN $1170
US Price: US $931.75
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
Date Listed: 19-10-2015
S/N: Varies as new
This cool Eastman 405E just came in the door! Similar in construction to the Eastman 403CE, the 405 is a non-cutaway archtop with a 16 inch body and a P-90 pickup.

Eastman Strings is one of the largest producers of archtop instruments in the world, including violins, cellos and other related instruments. Archtop guitars are a natural fit for them.

Te Eastman 405E features a comfortable 16-inch non-cutaway body built with maple laminates, and binding around the top, back and F-holes. The neck is mahogany with a 25 inch scale bound rosewood fingerboard and 1.75 inch nut width. The P-90 pickup has a creme cover and a clear riser, and a single volume and tone control on the top. The finish is an antique burst.

This is a very nice guitar, and reminiscent of the early electic archtops played in the 1930s to 1950s by many jazz, blues and early rock artists.

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