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Wampler Effects

Wampler pedals are some of the most respected boutique stomp boxes in the world. Created and designed by Brian Wampler and built in the USA, each pedal is a true labor of love. Wampler’s dedication to creating the best guitar tones available shines through with each and every pedal.   The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry a selection of Wampler pedals, and we ship worldwide.


Wampler Cranked AC Overdrive

I remember the first time that I heard Queen’s Brian May. I was living in Montreal and as a youngster I was exposed to rock’n


Wampler Pinnacle Limited Edition

Guitarists are always after the proverbial Holy Grail of pedals that are going to get them that elusive high gain “mucho chunga” sound. We’ve seen


Wampler AnalogEcho

There is always a fierce debate over analog vs. digital delays. I tend to sit closer to the digital side of the fence due to