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Gibson Acoustics

The Gibson name brings to mind iconic instruments like the J-45, the SJ-200, and the Hummingbird. Gibson has built many classic instruments over the decades, and The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry Gibson Acoustic guitars. We will set instruments up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

New Acoustic Guitars In Stock

We can't post everything we have in stock, so we are listing some of the new acoustic guitars in the store.

2016 Gibson Dove Steel String Acoustic Guitar

We've just taken delivery of a number of new guitars shipped from Bozeman, Montana including this lovely classic Gibson Dove.

2015 Gibson CF-100 Vintage Sunburst

Just arrived! We've got two! The Gibson CF-100 was Gibson's very early attempt at cutaway flat-top acoustics, adding a sharp florentine

The Gibson Hummingbird

One of the true classics, the Gibson Hummingbird is instantly recognizable by its square-shoulder dreadnought design, rich warm tone, and distinctive hand-painted pickguard.

Gibson Custom Shop Tamio Okuda CF-100E

Gibson Custom Shop Tamio Okuda CF-100E

Gibson J-35

The Gibson J-35 is back, and what an entrance! Originally produced in 1936, the J-35 was displaced by the classic (and slightly more expensive) J-45, and

Gibson J-200M Blondes

These two spectacular Gibson J-200M models, one a Trophy 75th Anniversary -- the last of of a limited run of 75 instruments, made in Bozeman,

NAMM 2013 Video Tour

  Welcome to the 2013 winter NAMM show! Join the Twelfth Fret Guitar Shop for a quick tour of some of our favorite booths and

Gibson Acoustic Factory Tour 2012

Take a tour of the Gibson acoustic guitar factory in Bozeman Montana with the Twelfth Fret.