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Larrivee Acoustics

Jean Larrivee has built one of the most successful guitar companies in Canada and is known worldwide for high quality acoustic guitars. The Twelfth Fret proudly carries the Larrivee line; we will set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.


Larrivee OM-04

The Larrivee OM-04 is a excellent small body guitar with a killer well balanced tone!


Larrivee LV-03 Vancouver Edition

Own part of Canadian guitar history with the Larrivee LV-03 Vancouver Edition!


Larrivee Custom Shop LS-04 Bloodwood

The Larrivee Custom Shop LS-04 Bloodwood is a quietly spectacular guitar. Not that it has a low volume - it doesn't - but


Larrivee L-10 Jester SOLD

Today we are featuring a beautiful Larrivee L-10 with a Jester headstock inlay.


Larrivee LS-09 Flamed Maple Custom

Feast your eyes and ears on this beautiful limited edition Larrivee LS-09 Flamed Maple Custom!


Larrivee OM-04 Bloodwood SOLD

Here is a beautiful Larrivee OM-04 Bloodwood selling for $1780.


Larrivee L09 Custom Shop SOLD

Here's a Larrivee L09 Custom Shop. Imagine my excitement upon getting an email from Larrivee with photos of some highly figured Indian rosewood sets


Larrivee D-40/OM-40 Legacy

The new Larrivee D-40/OM-40 Legacy models feature a new bracing pattern and high quality features for a very reasonable price!

Larrivee Limited P-01 ISS Commemorative Parlor Guitar SOLD OUT

Announcing the Larrivee Limited P-01 ISS Commemorative Parlor Guitar! Larrivée Vancouver is starting a limited run of P-01 parlors that will replicate the Larrivee guitar that