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Gibson Mandolins

Gibson mandolins have set the standard for North American mandolins since Orville Gibson created the first arched-top mandolin design at the end of the 19th century. The Twelfth Fret welcomes Gibson Mandolins, now built in Nashville, Tennessee. We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

Gibson F-5L Fern Mandolin

We've just received another of the rare and wonderful Gibson F-5L Fern Mandolins!

Gibson F-9 Mandolin

The Gibson F-9 mandolin is a 'no frills' model featuring a carved and tuned spruce top and flame maple back, flame maple sides and neck,

Gibson F-5L Fern Mandolin

It's great to see Gibson mandolins again, as few and far between as they are. This Gibson F-5L Fern mandolin has the 'L'

Gibson F-5 Fern Mandolin

It's been some years since Gibson has produced mandolins. This is the first F-5 Fern we have seen and it's a welcome sight.

Gibson F-5G Mandolin – They’re Back!

Gibson mandolins have been unavailable for a couple of years now, and this Gibson F-5G mandolin is the very first we've seen since the Nashville

Gibson F-5L Mandolin

Here is the first Gibson mandolin we have received since the flood in Nashville and this beautiful Fern sounds fantastic!! Below is Dave Wren's original


Gibson Jam Master F-style and A-style Mandolins NO LONGER AVAILABLE

The season of the summer jams is here, and Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments kicks off the pickin’ and grinnin’ around campfires and festival sites across