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Other Ukuleles

The Twelfth Fret carries many more instruments than we can list in a few brand categories. This page shows more of the range of ukuleles we carry in our shop. If you're looking for something in particular, let us know. We set instruments up to the player's requirements and we ship worldwide.

Eastman Ukulele ‘Shop Worn’ Sale!

We've carried Eastman Ukuleles for some time, and we're putting on sale a few 'shop worn' examples. These are new with all applicable warranties.

2016 Nuno Cristo Ukulele

Toronto is a fascinating mixture of many diverse cultures, and this ukulele by Nuno Christo is an example of what's made and found here.

Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele

The Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele features a concert scale length and a full size, 11 inch maple pot, which gives it a full, warm sound

National Reso-Phonic Maple Concert Ukulele

The National Maple Concert Ukulele delivers both tonal subtlety and volume. It is built to National's usual quality standards with figured maple for

Blackbird with Douglas John Cameron and Collings UT2 Ukulele

We've just posted the first of four Ukulele videos featuring Douglas John Cameron. Here's Doug with a Collings UT2 Ukulele in 'doghair' finish, with the

Just for Fun – A Gold Tone Banjo Uke Takes the Spotlight

Gold Tone make some of the best banjo ukes, and one of them appears in this great little video from The Gregory Brothers.

Just in — Eastman Ukuleles!

Look what just arrived - Eastman Tenor Ukuleles, with Concerts and Sopranos on the way! We've carried the Eastman line for some time

National Rope Bound Koa Resonator Ukuleles

It's Twins - a pair of National Rope Bound Koa Resonator Ukuleles swaddled in form-fit hardshell cases! Ukuleles have been enjoying a resurgence in

Collings Ukulele UC1-K

Collings Ukulele UC1-K