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1970 Fender Champ Amplifier SOLD

Price: CDN $599
US Price: US $477.02
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Class: Vintage
S/N: A-18780, built during 1970 at the Fender plant in Fullerton, California.
The venerable Fender Champ amplfier was built between 1953 and 1982, and rose from an initial 3 watts, to 5 watts in 1965, to a whopping 6 watts in 1972.

You've likely heard a Fender Champ amp, even if you haven't owned or used one yourself. Eric Clapton used a 1950's tweed Champ to record the song 'Layla', and Joe Walsh used a another Champ for the slide solo on 'Rocky Mountain Way'. Billy Gibbons used a Champ for 'La Grange'.

The list goes on because with its limited output, the Champ can be taken into a studio and out to the edge of its power where the tone really lives, without requiring extreme baffling and level control.

Here we have a 1970 Fender Champ, a 5-watt Silverface model. The original Champ design was minimalistic - two inputs, a fuse holder, a power light, and one knob that doubled as power switch and volume control, all top-mounted with a six-inch speaker. For the Blackface and Silverface models, the controls moved to the front panel and included treble and bass controls and an 8 inch speaker. This amp is in good working order and in good physical condition.

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