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2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Top (SOLD)

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S/N: 03524400, dates to December 7, 2004 at the Gibson Nashville plant.
Here is a beautiful example of one of the most iconic electric guitars ever made: a Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus.  

Built in 2004, this guitar pre-dates most of the changes and updates Gibson has added to the Les Paul model in recent years. As a result, this guitar has a more traditional, "classic" feel and sound. The solid mahogany body creates a deep, resonant tone, brought to life by a pair of Burstbucker Pro Alnico V pickups. The "50's style" neck profile has a nice rounded contour, without feeling too chunky for modern players, and ends in vintage-profile headstock.  

The "Premium" in Les Paul Standard Premium Plus represents the top. This guitar has a truly stunning AAA figured maple cap with a gorgeous "Ice Tea Burst" nitro lacquer finish, allowing the flames to run all the way to the edges. The guitar is also in excellent overall condition; only a few signs of minor play wear.  

This guitar has the look and sound that Les Paul fans have enjoyed for over 60 years. If you're not a fan of the design changes found in the more recent Les Paul guitars, this piece may be exactly what you are looking for.  

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