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2007 National Style 0-14 Dueco Resophonic Guitar (consignment) SOLD

Comments Between 1931 and 1937, National produced guitars with the ‘Duco’ frosted effect. This process involves dissolving a crystalline substance in lacquer, which re-crystallizes when the lacquer cures. This is a very tricky process and no two results are identical. These finishes are performed for National by B-Fanatic Guitar Works. This 2007 National Style 0-14 Dueco Resophonic Guitar is in great shape. It’s been well kept and sounds like a National – loud, clear, warm yet with bite.
Serial Number 13270 on headstock, #167 on label; Built 12/07, December 2007 at the National plant in San Luis Opisbo, California, USA.
Pricing $1,600.00 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck, 14-fret, with grained-ivoroid bound ebony fingerboard. Mother of pearl banner inlay with National logo engraved and filled.
Frets No appreciable wear on original frets.
Body Steel 0-style body with Dueco finish.
Finish Grey ‘Ducco’ finish, a reproduction of the historic, pre-war ‘Duco’ frosted finish.
Hardware/electronics All original, National cone and biscuit, open strip gears with NRP logos.
Playability/Action This guitar plays really nicely.
Case Original National hardshell archtop case include.d

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