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Music Man John Petrucci 6 String Ball Family Reserve SOLD

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Today we are featuring a new John Petrucci 6 String from Music Man’s Ball Family Reserve series of guitars! John Petrucci and Dream Theater have been leading the prog metal scene for over 20 years and John has been playing Music Man guitars for the last 10 of those, choosing his signature model to facilitate his incredible playing style! The Ball Family Reserve series of guitars feature fine figured tone woods and finishes which are released in limited runs in order to offer the public instruments that were previously reserved for family and artists.

This John Petrucci six string model features a beautiful quilted maple top with a wide and soft curl to the grain. This combination between quilt and curl makes for a stunning looking top. The guitar also features an alder body with a mahogany tone block to help with sustain and a custom John Petrucci Music Man piezo floating tremolo. This guitar is designed to be comfortable and facilitate fast precision playing. The treble side cutaway provides excellent access to the highest frets and the low profile asymmetrical neck profile is so fast it feels like your fingers glide over the rosewood fingerboard.

John is a long time Dimarzio pickup user and this version of his signature guitar come with his latest Dimarzio pickups the Crunch Lab and LiquiFire. The Crunch Lab has a higher output and a little less treble and midrange than the D-Sonic which provides a big tight crunch which is never thin or muddy. The Alnico 5 magnet and increased midrange on the LiquiFire provides excellent tones for rhythm and lead playing. Both pickups are great for high gain crunch with tons of sweet sustain but also have the nuance for beautiful clean tones. The piezo pickup and 3 way piezo/magnetic selector adds another tonal option at your disposal and there are lots of great sounds to be had when you blend them together. From huge mammoth sized riffing, speed of light alternate picking to delicate arpeggios and strummed acoustic chords this guitar has you covered. The only thing it can’t do is get you back stage at a Dream Theater show!!!

Mike Gray


* Quilted maple top
* Alder body with mahogany tone block
* 12 3/8″ wide, 1 3/4″ thick. 37″ long
* High gloss polyester finish
* Mahogany neck
* Rosewood fingerboard
* 1 11/16″ nut width
* 25.5″ scale length
* 15″ neck radius
* 24 wide high profile frets
* Custom JP sheilds inlay with Mother of Pearl BFR inlay at 12th fret
* JP Music Man Piezo floating tremolo with solid steel saddles
* Schaller M6-IND locking tuners with pearl buttons
* Adjustable truss rod
* 3 way toggle with custom center position
* 3 way piezo/magnetic selector
* Dimarzio LiquiFire neck humbucker, Dimarzio Crunch Lab bridge humbucker
* Hardshell case

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