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All About A Fretted Instrument’s Scale Length

All About A Fretted Instrument's Scale Length

A guitar’s (or any fretted instrument’s) scale length is the basic distance between the nut or zero fret and the bridge’s saddle. This measurement not only determines the placement of the frets for proper intonation, but has a profound effect on string tension, tone, and in some cases, tuning stability.


Humidification and Barigo Hygrometers

It’s essential to measure the relative humidity in order to reach proper humidification levels – adding or removing the correct amount of moisture to the air, and measurement is done with an instrument called a hygrometer. We’ve arranged for Barigo, a very respected instrument manufacturer, to provide us with Twelfth Fret branded units.



Fingerpicks are used to provide a sharper and more consistent tone, with – incidentally – a lot LOUDER sound!


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