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Antique and Romantic

It’s no secret that the staff at The Twelfth Fret are interested in all kinds of guitars. We’re also very interested in historic instruments, and there are many survivors from the Romantic era.


1850s Romantic Guitar built by Coffe, Paris

During the 1800s there were many romantic guitar builders, in Paris, London, and other European cities. This fine example was built in Paris around


The Windsor Zither Banjo

The Windsor Zither Banjo was built from 1887 until the Birmingham factory was destroyed in 1940 during a German air-raid. The Castle Works


C. Bruno and Son Banjo, circa 1867

This C. Bruno and Son fretless banjo arrived here about 15 years ago and has been in storage ever since. As is often


1927 Bacon and Day Silver Bell No4 Tenor Banjo (consignment) SOLD

One of the most well known of the Bacon Banjo Company and Day instruments was the Bacon and Day Silver Bell. These banjos are


1920s European Acoustic with carved rose soundhole

I have recently revisited this 1920s European Acoustic guitar and restrung it with Newtone Heritage low tension strings. It is a lovely, playable guitar.


circa 1830 Louis Panormo-School Guitar

Louis Panormo was the most successful of all nineteenth-century London guitar makers. His clients included Trinidad Huerta Madame Pratten and probably Fernando Sor. He built


1830 Gennaro Fabricatore Romantic Era Guitar

Here is a wonderful 1830 Gennaro Fabricatore Romantic Era Guitar. There seems little doubt that the first modern 6 string guitars had their genesis


Pierre Rene Lacote Heptachorde circa 1840 (sold)

On display here is a very rare Pierre Rene Lacote Heptachorde circa 1840. Rene Lacote of Paris, Master Luthier of the Paris school


1890s August Pollmann Royal Mandoline Banjo (consignment) SOLD

Towards the end of the 19th century and at the start of the 20th, mandolins became very popular in North America, likely due to European