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Banjos Vintage and Used

The Twelfth Fret is the largest banjo dealer in Canada. Here is a listing of Vintage and Used Banjos at The Twelfth Fret .

2016 Deering Golden Wreath 5-String Banjo Mahogany

The Deering Golden Wreath is a recollection of the banjos of the 1930's, vibrantly capturing many of the tonal characteristics of those classics.

SOLD!!! 2016 Deering Clawgrass No. 2 Openback Banjo

Based on the Deering Clawgrass banjo, the Clawgrass No. 2 openback 5-string banjo aims to deliver the same solid tone and playability at a lower

SOLD!!! 1930 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo 5-String Conversion

The Gibson Granada Mastertone banjo appeared in 1925 in the second from the top position in the Gibson Banjo line, and was built until 1937.

2005 Gibson Mastertone RB-250 Banjo

For decades, Gibson Mastertone banjos and the RB-250 model were the gold standard for bluegrass and country banjo players.

2008 Deering GDL 5-String Banjo, Burl Walnut

In the top line for production models, the Deering GDL 5-String Banjo - Greg Deering Limited - spectactularly demonstrates of the state of the Banjo

SOLD!!! 2003 Frank Neat Bean Blossom 5-String Banjo (REDUCED)

This is interesting - built by Frank Neat in Kentucky, one of 22 Bean Blossom 5-string banjos using walnut that grew next to Bill Monroe's