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Bass Vintage and Used

When Leo Fender invented the electric bass guitar in the early days of the 1950s, music changed forever.   The Twelfth Fret features a wide and frequently changing collection of vintage and used basses.  If you’re looking for something in particular, contact us.    We set instruments up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.


1965 Hofner Beatle Bass SOLD

1965 Hofner Beatle Bass, no pickguard, original case.


1963 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst (consignment) SOLD

This example of the 1963 Fender Precision Bass in Sunburst is in great playing condition, and is largely original. There is lots of buckle


1974 Guild Starfire Bass II Blonde (consignment)

The Guild Starfire Bass II was popular with a number of high-profile bass players in the late 1960's and early 1970's, notably Jack Casady of


1978 Fender Jazz Bass (consignment)

Here is a very well preserved 1978 Fender Jazz Bass in a custom colour. Officially, this colour was designated 'Walnut', but many people


2006 Gretsch White Falcon Bass G6136LSB (consignment) SOLD

Here's something not quite vintage, but certainly unusual - a 2006 Gretsch White Falcon Bass G6136LSB (Long Scale Bass). The Gretsch White Falcon was introduced


1963 Fender Bass VI (consignment)

Relatively rare, this 1963 Fender Bass VI is in good visual, working and playing condition. Introduced in 1961 and built till 1975, Leo


1982 Steinberger L2 Fretless Bass (consignment) SOLD

This 1982 Steinberger L2 Fretless Bass, number 466, is in great condition, with all the parts. As a fretless, it is not a conversion,


2006 Tobias Growler 5 String Bass (Consignment) No Longer Available

This 2006 Tobias Growler 5 String Bass is in excellent condition. The swamp ash body provides good tone with only a moderate weight, and


Midnight Blue 2009 Rickenbacker 4001c64s (consignment) SOLD

This Midnight Blue 2009 Rickenbacker 4001c64s is one of only four in this particular colour - there are two more in satin.