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Resophonic Vintage and Used

The Twelfth Fret carries a very large and constantly changing variety of new, vintage and used Resophonic instruments, ranging from the earliest 1920’s models to recent and slightly used models.     We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

2017 Republic Tricone Style 200 Resophonic Guitar

The Republic Tricone Style 200 is a reproduction of the original 1920s National tricone, built as the guitarist's entry into the volume wars.

2012 National Reso-Phonic Tricone 1.5 Cutaway Antique Brass

The National Tricone has a long history - it was the original reso-phonic design by John Dopyera and George Beauchamp around 1927.

2013 National Dueco Resophonic Guitar

The National Dueco single cone resophonic guitar is based on pre-WWII National guitars with a special 'frozen' finish.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 1928 National Style 1 Tricone Squareneck Resophonic Guitar

The National Style 1 tricone guitar was introduced in 1927, and was an early attempt in getting enough volume to compete with groups of banjos.

REDUCED 2013 Terraplane Resonator Guitar

The Terraplane Resonator guitar was originally built for slide great Arlen Roth. His direction was to "Build me a guitar with a coverplate which

National Style 3 Tricone Squareneck 1929 (Consignment)

Here's an excellent-condition National Style 1 Tricone Squareneck from 1929. This is an early example of a production resophonic guitar - the first production

National Slimline Resonator Pickup

The National Slimline pickup was designed by National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc. and Villex® Electronics.