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Steel String Acoustic Vintage and Used

Many vintage and used steel string guitars pass through The Twelfth Fret, from 1930’s vintage pieces to slightly used newer models.   Our stock changes daily, so if you are looking for anything in particular, contact us.   We ship worldwide.

2004 Larrivee D-09 Steel String Dreadnought Guitar

The Larrivee D-09 is a rendition of the classic full body dreadnought steel string guitar used by countless musicians for many decades.

2003 M. Collins Grande Bouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar

What's known as the Grande Bouche or 'Big Mouth' was the original Maccaferri design, built by Selmer, for Gypsy Jazz guitarists like Django Reinhardt.

1964 Gibson SJN Country Western Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

The Gibson SJN appeared in 1956 as a natural top version of the Southern Jumbo, with the model name 'Country Western'. In 1962

1962 Gibson J-50 Slope Shoulder Dreadnought Steel String

Introduced in 1942 as an 'improved' version of the J-45, the Gibson J-50 mainly differs in having a natural finish top, allowed by using better

Fylde Falstaff Guitar (REDUCED)

Fylde Falstaff Guitar

2011 Santa Cruz 1929-OO Steel String Acoustic Guitar

With elegant simplicity, the Santa Cruz 1929-OO model reflects the classic instruments made for players enduring the Great Depression that began in 1929.

1928 C. F. Martin T17 Tiple

The Martin T17 Tiple appears to be a relative of the ukulele, but it also traces its lineage to South American tiples, particularly the

2009 Taylor T5 C2-12 Koa Thinline Electric Guitar

The Taylor T5 was created to address a changing reality for working guitarists - declining budgets for road shows reducing the number of guitars on

SOLD!!! 1937 C. F. Martin 0-17T Tenor Guitar

The Tenor guitar was originally developed by the C F Martin and Gibson companies to ease transition, allowing tenor banjo players to switch to guitar