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Steel String Acoustic Vintage and Used

Many vintage and used steel string guitars pass through The Twelfth Fret, from 1930′s vintage pieces to slightly used newer models.   Our stock changes daily, so if you are looking for anything in particular, contact us.   We ship worldwide.


2014 C. F. Martin 000-18

The Martin 000-18 is one of the great fingerstyle guitars. The 000 body size provides an excellent tonal balance and the mahogany sides


2014 Collings 001 Mh Steel String Guitar

The Collings 001 Mh is a variation on the very traditional 00 body size made popular by Martin and other builders in the early part


2013 Edward Rusnack 10 String Steel String Guitar

Many custom instruments are produced by Edward Rusnack, and a good example is this Rusnack 10 String, with steel strings - most of this type


2015 C. F. Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy Custom Signature Edition

Built since 2011, the C. F. Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy model is Martin's first Custom Artist model that's FSC© certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.


2012 Gibson J-185 Blonde

In 1951, the Gibson J-185 appeared, designed to fit between the popular slope-shoulder dreadnought Gibson J-45 and the classic Gibson Super Jumbo J-200.


2012 Collings SJ Maple

Based on a popular jumbo design, the Collings SJ maple is a 'small jumbo' with a body width of 16 inches and depth of 4.5


1930 Maurer Model 593 Tree Of Life Guitar

The Maurer Model 593 'Tree of Life' guitar was built by the Larson Brothers - Carl and August - in Chicago. The Larsons bought


1976 C. F. Martin D-76 Bicentennial Commemorative Limited Edition

In late 1975, the C. F. Martin company released the D-76 bicentennial commemorative limited edition model for the 200th anniversary of US independence.


1963 Gibson J-45 Steel String Acoustic

The Gibson J-45 appeared during 1942 with its fancier cousin, the SJ (Southern Jumbo) and immediately became a basic instrument for singers and songwriters.