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Steel String Acoustic Vintage and Used

Many vintage and used steel string guitars pass through The Twelfth Fret, from 1930′s vintage pieces to slightly used newer models.   Our stock changes daily, so if you are looking for anything in particular, contact us.   We ship worldwide.


1965 Epiphone FT85 Serenader 12-String Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone FT85 Serenader 12-string guitar was built at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan from 1963 to 1969, alongside the Gibson B-45-12.


2008 C. F. Martin D-45 Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

The Martin D-45 is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, yet it is fairly rare to see one - many players aspire


1999 Larrivee OMV-03 Cutaway Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Here's a lovely, well rounded guitar - a Larrivee OMV-03 cutaway steel string built dating from February 10 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia.


1952 C. F. Martin D-28 Steel String Guitar

This is a classic. Built during 1952, this is a C. F. Martin D-28 dreadnought steel string acoustic guitar, newly serviced and with


2002 C.F. Martin D-16RGT Steel String Guitar

Based on the classic dreadnought design, the Martin D-16RGT brings classic looks and classic tone to modern guitar specifications.


1979 David Wren Concert Cutaway Steel String Guitar

David Wren worked for Jean Larrivee along with other highly respected builders like Grit Laskin and Serge deJonge, before moving out on his own.


1965 Guild F-47 Bluegrass Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Introduced in 1963, the Guild F-47 Bluegrass model was aimed at the exploding folk and bluegrass boom. This is a 1965 model


1963 Gibson B-25-12-N 12 String Acoustic Guitar

First appearing in 1962, the Gibson B-25-12-N 12 string acoustic guitar found wide acceptance during the 1960's folk boom.


2010 Joseph Hart OO Cherry 7 Guitar

The 2010 Hart OO Cherry 7 guitar was built in Embrun, Ontario at Joseph Hart's shop as part of a group project conceived at the