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New Instruments

The Twelfth Fret proudly features a number of quality new instrument brands in a broad price range, from beginner to fully professional instruments. Come in and we’ll help you find the instrument that’s right for your needs and budget, or browse to see what’s available.

Eastman Sale at The Twelfth Fret! The Twelfth Fret and Eastman Strings are excited to announce a sale on Eastman instruments. Until Saturday January 2nd 2016, all Eastman flat top guitars, arch top guitars, and mandolins except for the MD300 series, come with a $100 Twelfth Fret gift certificate!

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New!  10% off all Huss and Dalton guitars!
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Demeter MB-2 Midboost – Fat Control

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost/Fat Control is back in stock! For guitar players looking to add depth, warmth and some extra punch, a midbooster

Gold Tone OB-150 5-String Pre-War Style Banjo

The Gold Tone OB-150 Orange Blossom is a 'Pre-war' style 5-string banjo with authentic tone and superb playability and at a price anyone can afford.

2016 Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex Sunburst Electric Guitar

The Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex was introduced in 2011 and has received wiring upgrades. This example predates those upgrades so we can discount

2001 Ted Megas Athena Left Handed 7 String Archtop Guitar

The Megas Athena is one of a line of custom archtop guitars built by Ted Megas in Portland, Oregon.

National Pioneer RP1 Metal Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The new National Pioneer RP1 has arrived! Steel body guitars are not a new thing for National, and the Pioneer brings its benefits to

Ramirez Guittara del Tiempo

The new José Ramírez Guitarra Del Tiempo Studio classical guitar celebrates 135 years of the historic 'Casa Ramírez' established in 1882 in Madrid, Spain.

2017 C. F. Martin HD-28 Cocobolo Custom Shop Steel String Guitar

The C. F. Martin Custom Shop just send us two brand new guitars, including this wonderful Martin HD-28 with Sitka Spruce and Cocobolo.

2017 C. F. Martin 000-28 Cocobolo Custom Shop Steel String Guitar

The C. F. Martin Custom Shop just send us two brand new guitars, including this luscious Martin 000-28 with Sitka Spruce and Cocobolo.

SOLD!!! G W Barry 30-12 OM Steel String Guitar

We're featuring the third guitar from the G.W. Barry 30/12 collection. This particular guitar has an interesting history and compelling visual features.