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Epiphone Zephyr Emperor 1951 (consignment) SOLD

Epiphone Zephyr Emperor 1951 (consignment) SOLD

This is a great older piece. It’s in good shape and has a number of interesting features that show up in much later items. The pearl/abalone V block markers and extra binding inlay on the fingerboard appear on later and higher-end Guild guitars, such as the 1970’s Starfire VI. And the pusbhutton selector appears on many items, from Italian instruments to the 1950’s Dodge Torqueflite transmission. This is a big guitar from a time when volume was really needed, and the Emperor was the top of the heap. As a Zephyr, it’s an electric model, and the Vari-tone refers to the pushbutton selector.


Samuel Eastman Model 95 Upright Bass No Longer Available

Today we are featuring an upright Bass from Eastman. That’s right you heard me an upright bass!

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