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Here is a listing of many of the instruments we have sold through our shop.  We tend to keep posts about instruments on our site, rather than deleting them, for historical and reference purposes.   In some cases, our archives here may be the only clear photos and description of an instrument.

SOLD!!! 2013 Ibanez Universe 7 String Premium Guitar

Steve Vai and Ibanez developed the JEM series of guitars in the mid 1980's and the Ibanez Universe is the 7-string version of the signature

SOLD!!! 1996 Guild JF30-12 Blonde Jumbo 12 String Guitar

The Guild JF30-12 was built from 1987 to 2004 and has the typical Guild 12 characteristics- big, sturdy, with lots of tone, clarity, volume and

SOLD!!! 2007 Gibson ES-137 Custom 3-U Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar

Here's a near new condition Gibson ES-137 3U or 'Custom' model built during September, 2007 and featuring bound neck and head, split diamonds and Varitone!

NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2012 Fender Closet Classic Stratocaster Pro Dakota Red

The Closet Classic line from the Fender Custom Shop is intended to replicate a guitar that was bought, played a bit, then put away in

2009 PRS McCarty Archtop Sunburst SOLD

The PRS McCarty Archtop appeared in 1998 based on designs by PRS master luthier Joe Knaggs, who liked jazz but found big bodied guitars uncomfortable.

2005 C. F. Martin D-28 GE Golden Era Dreadnought Guitar SOLD

Here we have one of the last guitars of its kind, a 2005 Martin GE Golden Era. Built from 1999 to 2005 using

SOLD!!! 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Elite Sunburst Steel String Acoustic

I could sit and play this 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Elite all day. It looks just great, the body and action have a very

1972 Gallagher G70 Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar SOLD

If you are any kind of fan of bluegrass music, you've heard Gallagher guitars. The Gallagher G70 is their standard Rosewood dreadnought.

2013 Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute Solidbody Electric SOLD

Dating to 2013, this Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute is in pristine, completely original condition, recreating the first of what became the 'SG' style guitars.