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Here is a listing of many of the instruments we have sold through our shop.  We tend to keep posts about instruments on our site, rather than deleting them, for historical and reference purposes.   In some cases, our archives here may be the only clear photos and description of an instrument.


1930s Oscar Schmidt Sovereign Acoustic Guitar (SOLD)

In the 1920s and 1930s, Oscar Schmidt built many brands including Stella, but Sovereign was used for higher end instruments like this concert size guitar.


1962 Fender Champ Lap Steel And Amplifier Set SOLD

This is very cool - from 1962, a Fender Champ Lap Steel and Amplfier set, in excellent condition and with many of the original accessories.


2002 Heritage Golden Eagle Archtop Guitar SOLD

Heritage Guitars like the Heritage Golden Eagle use the Kalamazoo, Michigan property that was the historic Gibson facility, and reflect traditional values.


1980 Ibanez Joe Pass JP20 Archtop Electric Guitar SOLD

Ibanez has produced many archtop guitars, including the Joe Pass and George Benson models. These models reinvented the archtop as a working instrument.


2005 Sadowsky Jim Hall Archtop (SOLD)

Roger Sadowsky has built professional instruments in New York City for decades, and the Sadowsky Jim Hall archtop is the result of several years work.


1993 Fender VibroVerb 1963 Reissue 2×10 Combo (SOLD)

Introduced in early 1963, the Fender VibroVerb 40 watt combo amp was the first production Fender amp with built-in reverb, and this feature quickly


2003 PRS CE22 Sunburst Solidbody (SOLD)

Built since 1994, the PRS CE22 'Classic Electric' has everything needed for a straight-out rock or blues guitar.


2006 Gibson Sheryl Crow Steel Signature Guitar SOLD

The Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature model is based on her 1962 Gibson Country Western model, which she'd been touring and recording with for years.


1996 Douglas Harrison 17 Inch Archtop Guitar SOLD

Douglas Harrison is based in Toronto, and splits his time between building fine jazz guitars and repairing instruments at The Twelfth Fret.