The JazzAmp Ten

Henriksen JazzAmp -The Twelfth Fret

February 2019 – The new JazzAmp Ten is a single channel design with a Bluetooth aux input, the JazzAmp Ten has a 10″ speaker and a defeatable tweeter, combo 1/4″ input jack with phantom powered mic input, 5-band EQ, reverb, line out, ext. speaker out, headphone out and FX loop.  It’s similar in size to earlier JazzAmp 10″ combos, but a little deeper with a sealed amplifier chamber for better low end response and a cleaner sound.


Fender Acquires Bigsby

Fender Acquires Bigsby - The Twelfth Fret

January 2019 – Fender (FMIC) announces the acquisition of the Bigsby brand and its assets from Fred Gretsch Enterprises. The Gretsch family and FMIC have a longstanding relationship and have partnered to ensure that the transition of the business is a smooth one.

Bigsby vibrato tailpieces have a long history that dates back to the earliest days of the modern electric guitar. Wildly popular with guitarists as an aftermarket product, the vibratos are featured on a wide range of instruments as original equipment offered by dozens of guitar manufacturers around the world.

Bigsby will continue to run as a standalone business under Fender’s Specialty Brands.


WINNER: Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce

WINNER: Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce with V-Class bracing - The Twelfth Fret

December 2018 – Taylor Guitars agree, for 2018 when it came to weighing up this category, there was only one winner. Projection, clarity, tremendous and haunting sustain, vibrant and complex harmonics.



Open-Back Banjo Sale!

Openback Banjo Winter SALE! - The Twelfth Fret

Taylor Off The Map Sale!

Taylor 314ce Rosewood LTD Steel String, 2015 - The Twelfth Fret
SALE! Taylor 320e Mahogany Top Dreadnought Guitar - The Twelfth Fret



VIDEO: Mike Witcher demonstrates the Beard Deco Phonic Model 27 R

VIDEO: Alhambra Lattice Cedar Spruce


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