Hiscox Liteflite Cases

Travelling musicians face extra risks carrying their instruments. Weather changes and the usual bumping around are only the beginning. The Twelfth Fret carries Hiscox Liteflite cases for musicians who require extra protection without the weight of flight cases   Follow this link for our full feature on these great cases!.  

Hiscox Musical Instrument Cases are made in the Staffordshire, England to the highest standards.

The ultra-lightweight Hiscox LiteFlite cases are “flight worthy”. With 800 pounds of “crush resistance”, they’re ideal for air-travel.  Even the most determined baggage handler will be hard pressed to damage your guitar in a Hiscox case!

Hiscox LiteFlite cases first came to my attention when Lowden Guitars and Ramirez Guitars started using them for their top models. I approached Hiscox and they agreed to ship them by ocean container for several years.  More recently they have established a reliable Canadian warehouse and they are always in stock.

They offer cases to fit all of the standard acoustic guitar sizes and a variety of electric guitar sizes as well. 


If you’re looking for something in particular, contact us.    We ship worldwide.