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Guitar Parts

The Twelfth Fret originally opened to cater to the needs of professional guitarists, and we still carry – and install – a wide range of guitar parts. If you’re looking for something in particular and don’t see it here, just ask us. We ship worldwide.

Demeter MB-2 Midboost – Fat Control

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost/Fat Control is back in stock! For guitar players looking to add depth, warmth and some extra punch, a midbooster

The Towner Down Tension Bar

Christian Towner has had a great idea for putting a single-roller Bigsby on any guitar that has a stop tailpiece. This idea, the Towner

Ilitch BPNCS Hum Cancelling Back Plate

The Ilitch BPNCS Hum Cancelling Back Plate is a great solution for players who enjoy authentic single coil tone, but can't stand the 60-cycle hum.