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65 Amps

65 Amps operates out of North Hollywood, California. They design and build hand-wired tube guitar and bass amplifiers,. and matching speaker cabinets.

Founded by guitarist Peter Stroud and amp designer Dan Boul,  65 Amps began with addressing a new stage requirement faced by Stroud while playing with Sheryl Crow.

In a reversal of the historical trend for ever higher volumes, Stroud required a full, rich sound at lower volumes.

The resulting designs led to a series of amps targeted at professional musicians who need the tone that comes from a tube amp with a speaker but not volume levels that can interfere with house sound or recording.

For a time, 65 Amps products were handled by  Boutique Amps Distribution.  In 2018,   this arrangement is ending and it’s expected that production will move to North Carolina with MojoTone performing the actual amp construction.

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