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A J Litto

Albert J Litto was a luthier and violin maker who worked in the Kenmore, New York area in the 1960s.    He built Renaissance style lutes.

Albert J was the son of Albert S Litto, born in Budapest on 1895.  Albert S studied violin building under Karoly Raab in Sombor, Serbia and worked for Paul Pilat in Budapest.

Raab stopped working around 1926 and died in 1940, and Paul Pilat died in 1931.    Pilat trained many fine Serbian builders, including M. Reményi, of the family that later moved to Canada and for decades have run the Remeny House of Music in Toronto.

Albert S emigrated to the USA in the 1920s.   In the USA,  he worked for the H E MacMillan company in Cleveland.    In 1935, assisted by his son Albert J, he opened the Litto Manufacturing Company in Buffalo, building good quality violins.

Albert J Litto worked in Kenmore, NY near Buffalo and died around 1977.

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