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Backline Guitars

Backline guitars are hand built in Tottenham, Ontario, a bit north and west of Toronto.  

Here is the builder on how the the company came to be: 

“When I was little, my Uncle’s band used to play in the garage of my grandfather’s house. I would sit on the stoop captivated, my eyes wide with excitement as the music would resonate through the floor. Uncle Kevin would change the earth’s rotation with his voice, Brian would harmonize while holding steady on the acoustic guitar, and  Paul would cycle the drums like a maniac. Brad would make his guitar solos wail, while Tom C tickled the ivories, and Tom E laid down the law with his bass. As the music filled my soul I knew right away that THIS was the definition of cool. The next day I picked up my dad’s old guitar trying to be just like the guys from The BackLine.

Here I am, almost 30 years later, an established musician and the guys from the The BackLine helped me get to where I am today. I play professionally all over Ontario writing and performing my own music. Now I bring you my latest musical venture, handmade electric guitars.

No two guitars are the same. I handcraft each one, paying attention to detail, ensuring every guitar is a work of art. From hand-picking the wood to choosing only the highest quality hardware, I cannot think of any better components that I could use to make each guitar a masterpiece. As a musician, I wanted to build a guitar that is simple and beautiful, but also able to take a beating and stay in tune. I am proud of every instrument that leaves the BackLine workshop, just steps from where The BackLine band used to play. “


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