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Bruce Haines

Bruce Haines is a private builder of classical guitars located just east of Toronto, Canada.

Here’s Bruce on his luthierie:

“I’ve played guitar for over 35 years, and have always been fascinated by how things are constructed. My background in machining and Tool & Die gave me the familiarity with using precision tools and machinery.

I’m a ‘self-taught’, and when I purchased my John Bogdanovich Classical guitar, I quickly realized this was the sound and playability in a guitar I was after. I wanted to know how that guitar was built, and could I build my own. I spent three years studying John’s methods, and building and equipping my shop.

Through my relationship with the Twelfth Fret I was able to forge friendships with builders the likes of David Wren, G.W Barry, and Doug Harrison. Combining my education from John, and the aforementioned I also had the pleasure of getting help from people like Serge De Jonge, Tony Duggan-Smith and Tony Karol. I learned the art of French polishing from David Easser.”

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