The Twelfth Fret ~ Since 1977 ~


Hagstrom began operations in 1925, building accordions and branched into guitar building during the 1940s.   By 1958, electric guitars were offered, in both solid body and archtop forms.   Production was in Sweden, often performed by Bjärton in Bjärnum, Skane. 

Hagstrom’s most successful electrics included the Viking and Jimmy, designed by the renowned James D’Aquisto.  Solibody models included the Swede and Super Swede.   Hagstrom’s H8 eight-string bass was the world’s first, and was used by Noel Redding with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 

Hagstrom ceased production in 1983, but was re-launched in 2004, with production in China.   

Hagstrom at The Twelfth Fret