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One of the key elements in the sound of the 1960’s ‘British Invasion’ was the sound of Hiwatt amplifiers designed by David Reeves.

Known for clarity, reliability, durability and VOLUME, Hiwatt amps were seen on the stages of major touring artists like The Who, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones.

Hiwatt amps were built in a series of locations around Surrey as demand rapidly outstripped the David Reeve’s ability to produce these amps.  Some of the earliest amps were built under contract to Ivor  Arbiter, and bear the name of Arbiter’s Sound City music stores.

In 1971 Reeves teamed with Harry Joyce, who was at that time under contract to the British Navy for projects requiring the highest levels of quality control and no-compromise workmanship.

David Reeves died in an accidental fall in 1981 and the company began a series of ownership changes.

Vintage Hiwatt amps, including the cornerstone DR-103, are now prized.


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