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The Hofner company was founded around 1887 near Schönbach, a center for musical instrument construction on the border of Bohemia and Germany.    As the company grew, Karl Höfner brought in his two sons, Josef and Walter.    Until the start of WW2, Hofner was selling instruments throughout Germany, Europe and into Russia. 

At the end of WW2, residents of Schönbach found themselves in the new Czechoslovakian state, with many German businesses nationalized.  Höfner moved to Möhrendorf in Bavaria in 1948, and ultimately at the end of 1950 a new plant, including housing for the luthiers, was in operation at nearby Bubenreuth.  

Throughout the 1950s Hofner rebuilt its production facilities, distribution and sales networks.   Soon Höfner instruments were seen in the hands of many European artists.   Notable among those were some English players, particularly one Paul McCartney who took a liking to the Hofner Violin Bass, which appeared on countless performances and recordings by The Beatles. 


Hofner at The Twelfth Fret


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