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Modulus Graphite

Modulus Graphite, founded in 1978,  primarily builds basses with Graphite composite necks, and first supplied necks to Alembic.  For a time it was named “Modulus Guitars”. 

Until 2005, the company offered a line of six string guitars.  Currently, its primary focus is construction of bass guitars. 

 Geoff Gould, an aerospace engineer and bassist, launched the Modulus Graphite company with inspiration from Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh’s Alembic bass. 

The term “Modulus” is often a term for ‘Absolute Value’  or but here  refers to Young’s Modulus, a measure of the elasticity,  stiffness  stability of a material under stress.  

Modulus Graphite went into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013 but re-launched under new ownership.  

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