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Morris Amplification

Morris Amplification is owned and operated by Glen C. Morris, who has been working in the Electronics field for over 35 years, having completed his college studies in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. He’s also played guitar live in bands, and taught since he was a teenager.

Morris Amps are hand built using eyelet construction for improved tone, circuit performance, reliability and repairability.  

Morris’s interest in electronics started early. His father worked in Radar in WWII, and he went on to become a Department Head in the Electronics Division of a large Steel Company from 1962 until he retired. His primary instructor in the Electronic Program at George Brown College was from the Ukraine, and much of his studies were spent on tubes, both radio, television and audio. This would prove to be pivotal in his amp building expertise.

After college Glen started his own amp repair service, supporting many music stores in the area, and eventually working “in house” at one of those stores for 16 years. During that time he became a warranty tech for Fender, Yamaha, Marshall, Yorkville-Traynor, Laney and other builders.

During this time he began to garner great respect of musicians for his amp modding capabilities, first locally and then across Canada and much further abroad. His “specialty” of refurbishing 50’s and 60’s amps was unrivaled.

Around 2002, Glen began producing his own line of amplifiers – he left behind the repair business, and began focusing on custom designs with professional players culminating into the full line of amplifiers he now offers for both the professional and hobby enthusiasts.


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