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Sadowsky Guitars

Sadowsky Guitars are built by Roger Sadowsky and a small crew in Long Island CIty, New York. Sadowsky has been repairing and building instruments, since 1972, starting with two years work with luthier Augie LoPrinzi.

Since 1979. Roger Sadowsky has been a go-to for top shelf bassists seeking the best they could get. At first, that involved upgrading 60’s and 70’s Fender basses but as those became rarer and more costly, the decision was made to build from scratch. His customer list is enormous and impressive.

Sadowsky guitars and basses are built largely in Long Island City, but since August of 2003 there has been offshore production. Until 2018 the Metroline was built in Japan, followed by the Metro Express line built in Germany under license by Warwick.

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