The Twelfth Fret ~ Since 1977 ~


Soldano Amplifiers have been built in the USA since 1986, originally in Los Angeles but ultimately in Seattle, Washington, Michael Soldano’s home town. 

After taking up guitar at age 21, Michael Soldano bought a 4×10 Fender Bassman that required frequent service, which he did himself, and started into building guitars and amps.    Since then,  his amps have been used by top end touring guitarists, including Eric Clapton, Mark Knoplfer, Eddie Van Halen, Viv Campbell, Lou Reed and many more.    These Class A/B  amps are hand built by one technician, one at a time.  

In 2018, Michael Soldano announced his retirement and that the company would be sold to Boutique Amp Distribution. 

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