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Spector Basses

Here is part of the history of the Spector Bass, from Spector’s site

Spector Guitars was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney, both of whom were members of the Brooklyn Woodworkers Co-op that shared space in an old factory building. It was there that Stuart learned machine woodworking from Billy Thomas, a friend and founder of the co-op. Business started in 1976 with sales to Gracin Music on 48th St in NYC. Both G-1 electric guitars and SB-1 basses, designed by Stuart, were in the original product line.

In late 1985, the Spector brand was sold to Kramer Guitars of Neptune, New Jersey, and all equipment and production were moved to the new Kramer facility. Stuart and Alan remained on as supervisors and consultants, and production was greatly expanded, reaching a maximum of 100 guitars per month. During this period, production of the NS-2 model started in Korea, providing Spector instruments to players of any budget, and enabling the brand to enter the mass market. However, by 1990, Kramer was forced into bankruptcy and all Spector production ceased.

By 1998 Stuart was finally able to purchase back the rights to the Spector trademark and resume producing basses in their complete, original format.


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