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Standel is largely known for its line of professional grade amplifiers, often used by session and steel guitar players, – their first was a matching amp for Paul Bigsby’s guitars. The company was founded by Bob Crooks in 1952.

From March 1962, Standel also marketed Dobro guitars, branded as Standel DB (for Dopyera Brothers). This lasted for only a few years. Standel also marketed a number of other electric and steel guitars.

Due to high warranty costs resulting from a batch of defective output transformers, in 1971 Standel ownership passed to CMI, the owner of Gibson, and the company name changed to SG Systems though this lasted for only a year and the company folded.

In 1997, the Standel name became available again and Bob Crooks (then aged 77) acquired it, and began the task of producing Standel amps again, with Danny McKinney. Crooks died in 1999, and by 2005 McKinney was sole owner.

Standel is now based in Ventura, California and builds a small number of  amplifier models to original specifications, using original but re-magnetized JBL speakers.

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