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Marshall SV20c Studio Vintage Series 20w 1×10 Combo Amp

Marshall SV20c Studio Vintage Series 20w 1x10 Combo Amp

The new Marshall SV20C in the Vintage Studio line is a portable combo with the raw power and classic rock voicing of the original Marshal Plexi’s all valve tone.

Price: $1699 CAD

Polytone MiniBrain 75w Amplifier Head, 1990s

Polytone MiniBrain 75w Amplifier Head, 1990s

Here’s a rarity -a Polytone MiniBrain 75w Amplifier Head dating to the 1990s and a veteran of many jazz club gigs in the Toronto area. The Polytone MiniBrain is nicely portable at just under 9 pounds (4kg) and with its largest dimension being 12 inches (304mm), by 11 inches (280mm) and 3 inches (76mm) deep.  It sports EQ and drive controls, has an internal spring reverb and external effects loop connectors.    Output is listed as 75 watts into 4 ohms.  

Price: $500 CAD

Quilter Tone Block 202 200 Watt Amplifier Head

Quilter Tone Block 202 200 Watt Amplifier Head

The Quilter Tone Block 202 is the ultimate in a versatile and portable gigging amp solution. Coming in at a feather weight 3 pounds you can fit this little head in a backpack or even in the front pocket of many guitar gig bags. With a power rating of up to 200 watts it is designed to easily handle your onstage performance needs.  It can also be attenuated down to 0 watts, so it can be used silently or at very low volumes. 

Price: $799 CAD

Fender Concert 1×12 60 Watt Tube Combo, 1984

Fender Concert 1x12 60 Watt Tube Combo, 1984

The Fender Concert 1×12 60 watt amp was built from 1982 until 1985 and was the successor to the 1960 – 1965 40 watt 4×10 Concert models.

Price: $999.99 CAD

⚌Reduced‼ Morris Mini Muscle 20 1×12 Combo Amp, 2005

⚌Reduced‼  Morris Mini Muscle 20 1x12 Combo Amp, 2005

Here’s a Morris Mini Muscle 20, built by Glen Morris of Morris Amplification in 2005 as a single channel, 14 watt amp, and rebuilt by Morris in 2018 to provide a second channel and 20 watts. Morris Amplification is based in Welland, Ontario and specializes in custom amp construction and repairs. Their client list includes producer Jack Douglas, John Angus and Jack Syperek of the Trews, James Black of Finger Eleven, Dallas Green of Alexis on Fire, and many more.

Price: $1500 CAD

PRS 25th Anniversary HB Proto Amp and Cabinet Paisley, 2010

PRS 25th Anniversary HB Proto Amp and Cabinet Paisley, 2010

Here we have a ‘HB Proto’ version of The PRS 25th Anniversary Amplifier, a scalable 50 watt tube amp with 4×10 cabinet and dressed in matching paisley! This is a rare amp, built during 2010 and designed by Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell. Doug Sewell was by career an architect but his passion is to build amplifiers. The PRS 25th Anniversary Amplifier delivers a smooth, creamy tone and is based on the late 1960s ‘Plexi’ design. This example is apparently from the late prototype stage and is signed and numbered as 57 of 100 amps built.  It uses a pair of EL34 tubes and delivers sound through four Celestion G10 Greenback speakers.  

Price: $3150 CAD


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