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Henriksen ‘The Blu’ Jazz Amplifier, 120 Watts

Henriksen 'The Blu' Jazz Amplifier, 120 Watts

The new Henriksen “The Blu” model is solid state amplifier with a ton of clean power – and in a package no more than 9” tall! The Blu is the single channel version of The Bud, and pushes 120 watts of power via a special 6.5” Eminence Beta speaker. If features a powerful EQ and but in reverb, along with a phantom powered XLR/1/4” input and bluetooth compatibility.


Henriksen JazzAmp 312 Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen JazzAmp 312 Guitar Amplifier

The Henricksen JazzAmp is available in two models – the 312 seen here with a 12 inch speaker, and the 310 with a 10. Both deliver 120 watts.

Price: $1389.00 CAD

Henriksen Bud Jazz Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen Bud Jazz Guitar Amplifier

The Henricksen Bud jazz guitar amp is an exceptional amp, the culmination of work by the late Bud Henricksen in designing tools specifically for Jazz guitarists.

Price: $1529 CAD

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