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Mini Muscle 20

❌SOLD❌ Morris Mini Muscle 20 1×12 Combo Amp, 2005

❌SOLD❌ Morris Mini Muscle 20 1x12 Combo Amp, 2005

Here’s a Morris Mini Muscle 20, built by Glen Morris of Morris Amplification in 2005 as a single channel, 14 watt amp, and rebuilt by Morris in 2018 to provide a second channel and 20 watts. Morris Amplification is based in Welland, Ontario and specializes in custom amp construction and repairs. Their client list includes producer Jack Douglas, John Angus and Jack Syperek of the Trews, James Black of Finger Eleven, Dallas Green of Alexis on Fire, and many more.

Price: $1500CAD

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❌SOLD❌ Morris Rock Grinder “Meltdown”

❌SOLD❌ Morris Rock Grinder "Meltdown"

The Morris Rock Grinder Meltdown featured here today is a 2 channel, 50 watt all tube head. Driven by 6L6 power tubes, the amp delivers fat, robust clean sounds with just the right amount of top end sparkle.

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