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Gibson GA40 Les Paul Amplifier Brown, 1952

Gibson GA40 Les Paul Amplifier Brown, 1952

Introduced in 1952 and built until 1954, the Gibson GA40 Les Paul Version 1 amplifier was designed and built in-house at the Kalamazoo plant. It had two channels, with three ‘Instrument’ inputs on one channel and one ‘Microphone’ input on the other, and delivered 14 watts through a single Jensen P12Q 12 inch speaker.

Price: $2699 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Mesa Boogie Road King 2×12 Tube Amplifier Combo, 2002

❌SOLD❌  Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12 Tube Amplifier Combo, 2002

The Mesa Boogie Road King, here in a 2×12 combo version, is an extremely capable and versatile amp, with four channels, two effects loops and 120 watts of power. This is not a bedroom amp! The Road King is designed to give the working guitarist a wide array of tones that can be readily tailored to the needs of the tune and venue. The four preamp sections can be mated with any of five (!) power amp sections, using EL34 or 6L6 tubes.

Price: $1300 CAD

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