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❌SOLD❌ 1994 Ampeg VL-503 50-Watt 3-Channel Tube Amp


Ampeg products have been the standby for high powered bass amplification for years, and many arenas were filled by the legendary SVT amps, and many clubs with the Porta-Flex models. Ampeg guitar amps have been less common.
The Ampeg VL-503 three channel, 50 watt guitar amp is a well thought out and equipped combo amp, and the VL in the model name stands for Very Loud. The three channels are fully independent, with separate tube sets. Tube bias controls are readily accessible on the back panel. There’s an active effects loop, and an XLR out for recording. And, there’s a built in power attenuator.

This amp dates to 1994 and was built in the USA, at the Ampeg plant in St. Louis, Missouri. It is in good working and physical condition. There are no appreciable tears or scuffs on the finish or grillecloth. It does have solid casters, and that’s important because this is a very solidly built amp, weighing in at 85lbs.

Read the manual for the Ampeg VL-503 Amp here!

Price: $599 CAD
  • Model: VL-503 50-Watt 3-Channel Tube Amp
  • Year: Current |
  • Class: Vintage
  • Serial Number: L53DG0019, built during 1994 at the Ampeg plant in St. Louis, MO.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Good

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 85lbs kgs
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