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Fender Champ Amp 5F1 Tweed, 1959


The Fender Champ Amp first appeared in 1948 as the Champion 800, a four-watt amp with an eight inch speaker. This was soon replaced by the Champion 600, the same 5C1 circuit with a six inch speaker. In 1955, the amp was redesigned formally renamed to the ‘Champ’ with the FE1 circuit now producing five watts and the return of the eight inch speaker. The amp was improved in 1956 with the 5F1 circuit, and produced until the ‘Blackface’ redesign in 1964.

Seen here is a Fender Champ Amp 5F1, a tweed covered amp built during 1959 in Fullerton California. This amp has definitely been used as intended over the years, with wear to the original Tweed covering and Oxblood grille cloth. As is usual, some of the screened markings on the jack / control panel have worn, but mitigating this the amp has only a volume control doubling as an on / off switch. The ‘Chicken Head’ style knob with integrated pointer beak makes an easy reference to the volume setting. This amp is now 64 years old and while most components and the speaker are original, it has had some necessary service. The AC cord has been replaced with a grounded 3-prong cable, and a couple of capacitors have been replaced where needed.

These are great sounding little amps and illustrate just how loud five watts can be.

An extended history of the Fender Champ amp can be read at this link.

Price: $3999.99 CAD
  • Model: Champ Amp
  • Year: Current |
  • Class: Vintage
  • Serial Number: C12252, built during 1959 in Fullerton, CA
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Good
  • Date Posted: 21/11/2023

  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 12.98lbs 5.9kgs
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