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❌SOLD❌Fender Pro Combo Amp Brownface, 1962


Built from 1946 to 1965 in evolving forms, the Fender Pro Combo amp was the largest of three amplifiers offered when Fender opened. It was replaced in 1966 by the Pro Reverb.

From its first 18 watt incarnation to its 40 watt exit in favour of a Reverb-equipped model, the Fender Pro combo amp featured a single 15 inch speaker. As a higher powered amp, its ‘Harmonic Vibrato’ circuit differs from that used on models past the Vibrolux. This much more complex and rich sounding circuit uses three 12AX7 tubes and was used on the Pro, Showman, Super and some Concert amps.

This Fender Pro Combo amp dates to 1962, in the ‘Brownface’ period between ‘Blonde’ and ‘Blackface’, all referring to the colour of the Tolex covering and indicating the general circuit types used. It is in overall quite good condition, and appears to be largely original with the exception of the speaker, which is from 1962 but many not be stock. The transformers and tube chart all indicate 1962. There are two dates ink-stamped on the chassis and cabinet next to the tube chart, both reading ‘June 14 1963’. These stamps may have been from a service tech, and are not typical of Fender’s practice.

These are great sounding amplifiers, delivering an incredibly rich and thick sound and unmistakable presence.


Price: $3000 CAD
  • Model: Pro Amp
  • Year: 1962 |
  • Class: Vintage
  • Serial Number: 55513
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Date Posted: 03/02/2020

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 50lbs 22.73kgs
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